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Like the rest of Alberta, Priddis gets a lot of different kinds of weather. The best deck builders in Priddis can help your deck withstand the elements and last for many years to come.

Your Professional Priddis Deck Builders

Just a stone’s throw from the picturesque Cowboy Trail and Highway 22X and nestled in the rolling hills of Alberta’s ranch country, the hamlet of  Priddis is more than just a dot on a map – it’s a lifestyle. And what better way to enhance that lifestyle than with a beautifully crafted deck that welcomes you back to comfort and tranquillity at the end of the day?

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Building a New Deck in Priddis, Alberta in 2024

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Is your deck looking a little worn, or perhaps you’re daydreaming of a fresh outdoor haven? You’re in the right place. Our crew at Maritime West Construction specializes in turning decks into the crown jewel of your Priddis residence. We’re much more than builders; we’re part of your community. We know Priddis like the back of our hammer! From the annual Priddis Millarville Fair to Priddis’ hidden gem, Waters Edge Pub & Café.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy nook to enjoy Priddis Greens Golf Club’s serene views or a grand space for your Hawk’s Landing get-togethers, we craft decks that fit your vision and lifestyle. Our decks aren’t just an upgrade to your house; they become a celebrated feature of your property!

If you’re ready to enhance your Priddis home with a new deck, we’re here to help! Handling everything from the full build to a bit of advice, we’re ready to chat about what you want, from choosing the right materials to the last design detail and provide transparent cost estimates tailored to your needs.

The journey to your new deck starts with selecting the right materials:

The Steps of our Deck Building Process

We’re not just deck builders – we’re your partner in creating your perfect Priddis retreat. From our first meeting to the final placement of screws, we’re committed to excellence in craftsmanship. We only choose premium materials that guarantee your deck is not just eye-catching but also enduring.

We make sure your deck is built just right for you! Recognizing the uniqueness of every deck project, we are here to meet your individual preferences and requirements. Our team pays close attention to your vision and offers seasoned advice, all to ensure your new deck not only meets but exceeds your dreams for many seasons to come.


Every great deck starts with a dream. Whether you come to us with a comprehensive plan or a budding idea, our design team is ready to bring your vision into reality. Sit down with our team, and we’ll turn your ideas into detailed plans. We’re here to hone your “dream deck” into a plan that ticks every box on your wish list. After perfecting the design to your satisfaction, we’ll be ready to construct another exquisite deck in Priddis.


From the timeless beauty of pressure-treated lumber, the durability of composite materials, the modern aesthetics of PVC or vinyl, or even the sustainable allure of bamboo—your deck must be able to withstand Alberta’s varied climate. As your dedicated professional Priddis deck builders, we’re on hand to guide you through the advantages and drawbacks of each material choice. Our goal is to ensure your deck is not just an expansion of your living space but also an expression of your personal taste.


Visualizing your ideal deck before construction is crucial. This is precisely why we provide an optional 3D rendering service. With advanced software, we’ll offer you a virtual glimpse of how your new deck will not only complement your home but also blend seamlessly with Priddis’s natural beauty. For a fee of $200, you can witness your concept take virtual shape, and if you choose to proceed with us for the build, we’ll deduct this amount against the total cost from your final invoice.


Screw piles are the foundation of steadfast support, often overlooked but critical. No need to pause for the weather to clear; screw piles can be put in place under nearly any condition. They require no waiting period to set, meaning they’re immediately ready to provide a firm and stable base for your deck’s frame, ensuring that your structure has a solid foundation.


The framework of your deck is its backbone – study and meticulously crafted. We use 2×10 joists spaced 12 inches apart at the center, giving your deck the structural integrity to remain steadfast through Priddis’s diverse weather. The beams are constructed from 3-ply, supported by robust 6″x6″ posts, and anchored deep with screw piles and prepared to stand tall against any weather Priddis throws our way. The entire frame is built with top-tier pressure-treated lumber to ensure lasting durability.


Be it a snug 10×12-foot corner for quiet moments or an expansive, tiered platform for grand celebrations, our skilled team is ready for the task. A typical-sized deck comes together within a single day when in the capable hands of our crew of three. More complex and larger designs might span a few days – but the moment the final board is in place, your deck is all set to welcome your family and friends.


As experienced deck builders in Priddis, we place equal emphasis on safety and style. We take exceptional care in setting up railings that ensure security while enhancing design. Our preferred option is aluminum railings, known for their durability and versatility, all while fitting a range of budgets without compromising on excellence. These railings are built solid from the start and are powder-coated to stand the test of time — meaning you can forget about the hassle of wet paint and unnecessary delays.


Our dedication to unparalleled quality extends beyond the installation of the final plank. As Priddis’s professional deck builders, we stand by every piece of lumber and each screw we’ve placed with pride. After our tools are packed away, we’ll invite you to join us for the final inspection. This is your chance to provide the ultimate seal of approval. During this walkthrough, we’ll explain all the details and offer our advice on maintaining your new deck to ensure its longevity. If you chose a composite material like Trex? Then, you can relax, knowing your brand new deck is low maintenance and is built to resist the elements with minimum upkeep.

Why choose us as your deck builder in Priddis, Alberta?

Safety is the foundation of every deck we build in Priddis. With years of experience under our belts, we prioritize safety as much as design. Our team is fully licensed, insured, and trained to meet the latest industry standards to create an outdoor oasis tailored just for you.

Eager to start? So are we! Contact Maritime West Construction today, and let’s chat about your Priddis deck-building adventure. Remember, it’s not just a deck – it’s your future hub for memories, laughter, and the best backyard views in Alberta!