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From winter chinooks to summer hailstorms, the best deck builders in Calgary are needed to properly plan and execute your dream deck so it lasts for years to come.

Calgary Deck Builder

Calgary Deck Builder… that’s something that many of us hold to a high standard because there aren’t many months in Alberta where we can fully experience their amazingness so the deck has to be built right! We know that if we only have one short season for enjoying our home decks… we’d better plan for it… and we’d better have a pretty awesome deck!


Are You Planning On Building a New Deck in 2023 or 2024?

calgary deck builders

Whether you are in the market to get your home’s first deck install or you are in need of a deck replacement you can be sure that our passionate and experienced team can handle it. We have so many happy customers all over Alberta who can attest to that! After the crazy year that was 2021, many of us from Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie, and other Southern Alberta towns are ready for some change! Since they broke ground on the new BMO Centre expansion, it is making everyone else want to break ground on their own yard renovations. If your yard reno includes a deck, take a moment to read through all of the different parts of the decking process that we can offer you. Whether you choose to use us for the entire custom deck building process or just a portion of it we would love to hear from you and help to clarify the options available and the cost of a deck build for you.

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The Steps We Go Through In Our Deck Building Process


Decking design is the crucial first step to any deck build. If you have a rough idea in your head then you can sit down with our team and we will help draw your deck design plans out with you. If you have a photo of your dream deck then that can be used to base your home’s perfect deck off of so be sure to send that our way. After we have it all drawn up we will get the deck blueprints over to you for final approval and then we can begin building your backyard deck design.


Deck material is really up to the homeowner’s discretion. We can give you advice on what materials work best for what climates and situations but ultimately you make the choice. Many people think that a wood deck design is their only option but there are so many more choices for your outdoor decking. Our Calgary deck builders can help guide you through the pros and cons of a composite deck, pvc, vinyl, cedar, bamboo, and even pressure treated wood.


Although these don’t come standard… they are certainly an option for those who request. We use a computer program to create this and then we email it to you or deliver on a flash drive if you’d prefer. This is generally used so you can see it and approve with the highest confidence. Our 3D deck renderings are $200 for a basic render but if you choose us for the build then we will subtract the cost from your final bill so is of no cost to you.


Screw piles are basically the foundation for your deck. Without these your deck and frame would have nothing to sit on top of! Some home owners believe we need the proper weather conditions to install screw piles but we can actually install these in any temperature weather condition. Screw piles don’t need time to set; we just install them and they are immediately able to support the deck frame.


No deck can truly be started without building a deck frame. We do 2×10 joists and 12″ on centre… that’s right – we overbuild on purpose so it’s solid! 3-ply beams with 6×6 posts on the screw piles because things in Alberta have to be built properly to handle our extreme weather. Always use our absolute best pressure treated wood.


Deck installations can range greatly in the time they require. If you have a 1200 square foot outdoor deck that wraps around your home and has multiple levels then it will take a few full days with our entire team on deck (pun intended). But to give you a rough idea of the length of time required for standard 12×16 or 10×16 decks… we are there for a day with a team of three. Once we are done the deck install you are immediately able to go out and enjoy it with your friends and family!


A Calgary deck builder is no good if they don’t also provide a reliable and good-looking railing, right!? Deck railing can be made from so many materials that you’re sure to find a good look and feel for your home. The standard deck rail we recommend is an aluminum railing. We can use whatever type of aluminum you want to be able to best match anyone’s budget. Once the railings are installed they are immediately ready to be used so don’t worry about anyone leaning on them too soon. You also don’t have to worry about anyone leaning on wet railing paint since they come already powder coated from the factory – good to go!


Although typically the customer watches us build the deck we still like to do an official walkthrough of the final product. When you see us starting to load up our tools to leave you can be sure we’ll be knocking on your door to show you our finished work. If you are not home when we finish the deck we can come back later to show you everything. If we built a wood deck then we will show you how to properly care for it but if we used Trex for your outdoor decking then it requires no special care whatsoever. Ask us about our Trex decking (we know you’ll love it!)