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Cochrane gets a lot of different kinds of weather. The best deck builders in Cochrane can help your deck withstand the elements and last for many years to come.

Cochrane Deck Builders

Nestled in the heart of Rocky View County, where the tradition of Western heritage meets the innovation of a tech hub, your home in Cochrane isn’t complete without a deck! Picture yourself soaking up the warm Alberta sun on your deck, a cozy extension of your home, and as beloved as Mackay’s ice cream. We know our summer season is short here in Alberta, so why not make lasting memories on a deck designed for life’s best moments.

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Building a New Deck in Cochrane in 2024

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If your deck has seen better days or you’re dreaming of a new outdoor retreat, look no further. The team here at Maritime West Construction specializes in crafting decks into the highlight of your Cochrane home. We’re more than just contractors; we’re your neighbours, familiar with every nook from the lively Cochrane Ranche to the scenic Gleneagles.

Just as the Jack Tennant Memorial Bridge connects the north and south of Cochrane, we aim to bridge your indoor comfort with the beauty of outdoor living. Our decks are more than just an addition to your home. They’re a landmark in their own right!

If a deck is on your Cochrane home renovation list, we’re here to help! Whether it’s navigating the full construction process or just offering a helping hand, we’re here to discuss your options, from materials to design, and provide transparent cost estimates tailored to your needs.

It all starts by choosing the type of material you want to use:

The Steps of our Deck Building Process

Choosing the right partner is key to transforming your backyard into the perfect Cochrane retreat. A solid deck starts with a solid partnership. That’s why we blend high-quality craftsmanship with a personalized approach from our first meeting to the final reveal, ensuring your deck impresses for years to come.

What makes our decks stand out is their tailored design and durability. We understand your deck should be built to fit your life and last longer than the next Alberta winter. We’re your local crew that listens, advises, and then gets down to business, turning your outdoor living dreams into a stunning reality.


Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end with the last nail. As Cochrane’s professional deck builders, we stand proudly by every board and beam we place. Once our tools are loaded, we’ll invite you for a final walkthrough. It’s your opportunity to give the final approval. We’ll walk you through everything and share our expertise on how to care for your new deck to prolong its life. If you chose a composite material like Trex? Then rest easy knowing your deck is as low-maintenance as it is beautiful, designed to withstand the elements with minimal care.


As experienced deck builders in Cochrane, we value both safety and design! We take pride in installing railings that offer peace of mind without compromising on aesthetics. Our go-to choice is aluminum railings for their durability and versatility, catering to any budget without sacrificing quality. Installed to be sturdy from the get-go, they’re powder-coated for longevity — which means no wet paint and no waiting.


Whether you’re looking at a cozy 10×12-foot nook or a sprawling multi-tiered sanctuary, our skilled team adapts to the challenge. A standard-sized deck comes together in just a day under the capable hands of our crew of three. Larger, more intricate designs may take a few days. But as soon as the last board is secured, your deck is ready to host its inaugural gathering of friends and family.


The framework of your deck is the blueprint of stability. We do 2×10 joists, with 12″ at the centre, ensuring your deck has the backbone to stand firm against the elements. We use 3-ply beams with 6″x6″ posts, anchored securely on screw piles, to withstand any weather Cochrane’s throws our way. The entire frame is built using only the finest pressure-treated wood.


Screw piles are the unsung heroes of structural support! And there is no need to worry about waiting for perfect weather to install them; screw piles can be installed under almost any conditions. There’s no downtime for setting; these piles are ready to anchor your deck immediately, assuring a supportive and secure foundation to support the deck frame.


We understand the importance of visualizing your dream deck before the build begins. That’s why we offer an optional 3D rendering service. We use special software to give you a realistic preview of how your new deck will enhance your home and fit into the surrounding landscape. For $200, you can see your vision come to life, and should you choose to bring your deck to life with us, we’ll deduct this cost from your final invoice.


Whether it’s the classic appeal of pressure-treated wood, the durability of composite, the sleek finish of PVC or vinyl, or perhaps the eco-friendly charm of bamboo? In Alberta’s diverse climate, your deck needs to stand strong against the elements – and we are here to help! As your professional Cochrane deck builders, we’re here to guide you through the pros and cons of each option, ensuring your deck is not only an extension of your home but also a reflection of your personal style.


Every deck begins with a vision. Whether you’re armed with a detailed draft or just a seed of an idea, our design team is ready to bring it to life. Sit down with us, and we’ll transform your concepts into detailed plans. We’ll help you refine your “dream deck” into a blueprint that fulfills every wish on your list. Once we’ve fine-tuned the design to your satisfaction, we’ll be ready to add one more beautifully crafted deck to Cochrane.

Why choose us as your deck builder in Cochrane, Alberta?

Building decks is about more than just craftsmanship—it’s about creating a safe and lasting extension of your home. We prioritize safety as much as design, adhering to all regulations and ensuring our team is fully licensed and insured. We bring care, precision, and a commitment to quality to every project, guaranteeing a deck that’s not only beautiful but built to last.

Looking for the best deck contractors in Cochrane? Give Maritime West Construction a call! Let’s turn this summer into the season you fall back in love with your backyard. Contact us today to start the journey toward the outdoor space you’ve always envisioned.