The Cost of a New Deck in Calgary, Alberta

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The price of building a new deck in Calgary depends on many factors. These are things like the material used, the size of the deck, and the terrain around your house. Here’s how some of those affect the final cost of new decks for homeowners in Calgary neighbourhoods.

The Price of a Composite Deck

Many people think that composite just refers to one material, but the truth is, there are a wide range of composite styles and components. Because they can vary in strength and durability, composite decks can range quite a bit in price.

For cheaper composite options with softer materials and less external protection, they tend to scratch more easily and fade more over time. If you are planning on having heavier items, like tables or chairs, on your new deck, you might find cheap composite doesn’t hold up to the repeated scrapes, bumps, and shadows it causes. To build a 16’ x 10’ deck out of entry-level composite would cost between $5k-$10k, depending on the level of trim and railings.

Mid-range composites, made of harder plastics or wood shavings, scratch and fade less than their cheaper cousins, but will still wear down over time. If you get lots of sun or rain, or you’re anticipating a lot of foot traffic, this is a better option – but you may still see some issues down the road. A 16’ x 10’ deck of mid-range composite would fall between $6k-$12k, depending on your design, trim, and railings.

Finally, we have the top-of-the-line composite like Trex, which is designed to withstand years of temperature swings and use. It is more durable, less likely to scratch and warp, and can last decades with the right maintenance. A 16’ x 10’ top-range composite deck costs roughly between $8k-$15k, depending on the layout of the trim and railings. 

Many people prefer composite decking because it is easier to clean and maintain, while generally holding up to Calgary’s extreme weather better than wood or metal. It resists insects, rot, warping, and stains, and – in the case of Trex – keeps more waste out of the landfill. 

The Price of PVC Decking

PVC is a common choice for many modern decks, especially in climates like southern Alberta which see a lot of heat in summer and snow and rain through the rest of the year. PVC doesn’t get as hot as composite or wood, and its slick nature makes it ideal for shedding moisture. 

However, it also tends to scratch easily, and is not as durable as some of the other deck materials you can buy. The colours will usually fade or peel after prolonged sun exposure, which can lead to mismatches after a few years, and the material is easy to scratch, too – be careful with your patio tables!

You can expect to pay $9k-$15k for a 16’ x 10’ PVC deck, making it among the most expensive options.

The Cost of Building a Wooden Deck

While wood is by far the most popular choice for building decks historically, thanks to its relatively cheap price and easy customizability and availability, there are some limitations to using it.

Treated wood, often seen as the standard for deck building, is actually among the lowest-quality deck material you can find. Why is this? There are a few reasons:

  • Every joint and nail hole allows water to penetrate, rusting the metal and rotting the wood
  • They are prone to warping and cracking in extreme temperatures
  • They provide easy access for insect infestations and nests
  • They require more maintenance than other materials (cleaning, sanding)
  • They must be restained/repainted every few years at minimum
  • There is a risk of splinters and breakage that can cause injury to people and pets

Because of this, treated wooden decks have a lower upfront cost, but you are likely to spend more over the lifetime of the deck in order to maintain it properly. Traditionally, a 16’ x 10’ deck of treated wood would be about $4k-$6k – but even that is uncertain these days, with no way to predict if the price of the lumber will go up or down in the near future.

Cedar wood is a better choice than treated wood, as it is less prone to splitting, rot, or warping while still retaining a beautiful grain and colourability. The average price of a 16’ x 10’ cedar wood deck is around $5k-$7k, depending on the trim and railings, under normal circumstances.

Building a New Deck in Calgary

With unpredictable lumber prices, material shortages, and extreme weather all factoring into the cost of a deck, it’s best to have experienced builders on your side that can help you make the best decisions for your home. When you’re ready to create a beautiful new addition to your yard, talk to Maritime West Construction and get it done right!

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