The Best Fence Design Ideas For Your Home

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Like most homeowners, you’ve probably wondered how you can boost your property values while also making a good, practical improvement. We’ve already talked about some common ways to do it, like building a fresh newly designed deck or renovating a kitchen. But there’s one way to make the surroundings of any home really shine: creating a stylish, customized fence that complements the building design.

There are many different kinds of fences to choose from, depending on your needs, property, and taste. If you’ve never thought about this simple method of adding elegance and flair – not to mention privacy and protection – to your yard, this might be your year to do it!

7 Fence Designs for Your Yard

Below you will see seven of the top fence design choices for you to learn all about.  There are more than just these but it is a great place to start brainstorming for what may best suit your property.  After you’ve read this blog feel free to reach out to our team and we can help you decide the best choice to meet both your needs aesthetically as well as functionally.

1. Privacy Fences

For those who want to keep out prying eyes, privacy fences offer screening capabilities that block the view of neighbours and passersby. Usually made out of wood (though they can also be vinyl, composite, metal, or other materials), they are defined by tight fits of solid slats between posts. While they offer excellent protection, they are generally more expensive because they use more materials, and they can be harder to maintain with so many unreachable edges.

privacy fence
(From Outdoor Essential Products)
“What about semi-private fences?”

Semi-private fences are based on the same principle, but don’t take it quite so far. They either leave more space between each slat, or alternate different thicknesses to allow more light and visibility through. While not quite as discreet, maintenance and cleaning is easier, and the construction cost is a bit less.

semi private fence
(Two types of semi-private fences, from Pinterest and Bob Vila)

2. Picket Fences

You’ve probably heard of this “American Dream” style fence – it’s one of the most popular designs ever created. Picket fences are made with evenly spaced slats which have some visibility between, usually rounded or pointed on top and anywhere from waist- to eye-level. They offer a physical barrier for pets, other animals, or intruders, but their openness also makes them charming and welcoming, too. You truly can’t go wrong with this classic design.

picket fence
(From This Old House)

3. Split-rail Fences

If you want a bit of rustic charm to add to your acreage, a split-rail fence has been the go-to design for hundreds of years. Created by linking long beams with heavier, upright posts, this method was popular for keeping livestock in pastures, and still works today as an elegant border to draw the eye. It offers plenty of light and open space, with minimal fasteners and materials.

split rail fence
(From Quality Chain Link Fencing)

“What about estate fences?

If you like the appeal and aesthetic of a split-rail fence, but want the lines a bit cleaner, you can go for its close cousin, the estate fence. Built with the same design styles, but straighter beams and more flush fastening, it will serve the same purpose but give a more refined look to any yard. These styles are especially useful if you have a lot of space and larger animals, like horses or cattle.

estate fence
(From Stable Management)

4. Metal Fences

If you like ornamental designs and customized appearances, a metal fence might be for you. There is a huge amount of variability in metal fences – everything from regular slats to spiked Gothic bars to ornate loops and patterns – so you’re nearly guaranteed to find something you like. However, these fences tend to cost more than wood, as metal is more expensive in general, and they can be harder to install due to weight. Plus, if they are not properly maintained right from the start, rust can set in and quickly create headaches. If you do go metal, aluminum is a recommended choice – for cost, weight, and ease of use.

metal fence
(Two metal fence styles, from This Old House and Iron Fence Toronto)

5. Lattice Fences

Another common fence style is the lattice design – interlaced slats that criss-cross, either up-and-down or diagonally. While they offer relative protection and privacy, these are among the hardest to properly clean, stain/paint, and maintain, because many surfaces are hard to reach or prone to moisture seepage. They add a great look to gardens, backyards, and other green areas, and can even be used as a climbing material for vines. If you go this route, make sure you take proper precautions against rot, rust, and warping – or just choose vinyl instead of wood or metal.

lattice fence
(From Love Home Designs)

6. Contemporary Fences

Contemporary fences combine elements from several of the others listed above, often in customized or unique ways. Generally with sleek, clean-looking horizontal slats made of wood, vinyl, or metal, these designs add a modern touch to any property and are sure to turn the heads of many visitors. Often, homeowners further personalize them with plant shelves, colour highlights, built-in lighting, glass features, or many other unique pieces. If you have the money to spend, these are always a winning choice.

contemporary fence
(From Renoguide Australia)

7. Chain Link Fence

If you’re practical and not in need of anything stylish, you can always rely on the staple of modern fencing – chain link. Found all over acreages, towns, and cities all over the world, vinyl or metal chain link is cheap, easy to install, incredibly durable, and effective at keeping all but the most determined animals and people on the correct side. If you just need a way to stop your dog from wandering into the neighbour’s yard (or vice versa), a simple chain link solution might be right for you.

chain link fence
(From Pinterest)

Do you still have questions about the best type of fence for your yard?

Are you wondering what fence design idea will work best with your property?

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