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Okotoks gets a lot of sunshine, heat, snow, rain, and wind. The best deck builders in Okotoks can help your deck stand up to the elements and last for years to come.

Okotoks Deck Builders

Whether you’re in the historic stretch of Elizabeth Street or the cutting-edge solar builds of Drake Landing, your home in Okotoks deserves a great deck to go along with it. After all, this Alberta town is among the sunniest places in Canada…and there are few things better than relaxing with a cold drink on a hot summer day on your awesome, custom-built deck! We only get a few short months out of the year to truly enjoy this part of our home, so make them count by using a trusted deck builder that will bring your vision to life.


Building a New Deck in Okotoks in 2024

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Is your old deck on its last legs? Are you looking at an empty yard and imagining the possibilities? Whatever the situation, the team here at Maritime West Construction has the experience to handle it. We’ve built decks (and more) all over Alberta and we love to see the finished products come together!

The chaos of the last few years got a lot of people thinking about how to improve their home space, so there’s a lot of interest in building and updating decks in Okotoks. Add in the town’s expansion into areas like D’arcy Ranch, Cimarron, and Westmount, and you can see why the demand for amazing outdoor upgrades is high.

It’s not as simple as just buying some wood and nails, though – there are several important steps in the process to make sure your new deck can withstand the Alberta climate. Whether you need help with the entire process or just a portion of it, we’d be happy to assist you, clarify your options, and give you some ballpark numbers for the cost of a new deck in Okotoks.

It starts by choosing the type of material you want to use:

The Steps of our Deck Building Process

To get the best deck for your home, you need more than just another contractor. You need a partner that’s ready to help you make the perfect backyard getaway. From the first handshake at the initial consultation to the final walkthrough to ensure total satisfaction, we are those partners. We’re dedicated to the highest quality and craftsmanship, creating a structure that not only looks amazing (and impresses all the neighbours) but lasts for years to come.

You might have looked at or even talked to other deck building companies near you in Okotoks. But you haven’t experienced the personalized service and unique approach of Maritime West Construction. We tailor our work to your specific needs, goals, and lifestyle desires, and our deck contractors take the time to listen and understand every detail. We give expert guidance along the way to make sure that the final result looks even better than you imagined.


A proper deck design is the first step in any build. You may only have a rough sketch or a vague idea of what you want, or you may have thought it through in detail – but either way, we’ll sit down with you and help draw your plans out in full. We’ll work off any reference photos of a “dream deck” you may have to make sure it ticks all the boxes. Once we have the blueprints drawn up, you’ll take a look for final approval and then it’s time to add one more deck to Okotoks!


Do you like the rich grains of pressure-treated wood? The more resilient qualities of composite? What about PVC, vinyl, or even bamboo? We can give you advice on what works best for Alberta’s climate, but ultimately the choice is yours – and there are many more than you might imagine, so feel free to break away from plain old wood. As professional Okotoks deck builders, we’ll guide you through the pros and cons of each option.


Not every deck builder will give you a 3D rendering, but we’re happy to do so if you request one. Using a special rendering software, we send you (via email or a flash drive) a preview of what the design will look like in the context of your home, and how it will mesh with your surroundings once it’s built. This helps you to be more confident with your decision. Getting a 3D render costs $200, but if you continue on with us as your builder, this amount is taken off your final bill. Pretty sweet!


Now comes the fun part. Screw piles form the foundation of your deck – they are embedded in the ground, and the deck and its frame rest on them for structural support. There’s a common misconception that the weather needs to be perfect to put these piles in the ground, but the truth is that they can be installed in almost any condition or temperature. They don’t even need time to set – once they’re in, they’re good to go for the rest of the deck.


Framing is what lays out the size and support beams of the deck. We do 2×10 joists, with 12” at the centre for extra stability. Your deck will be built as solidly as they come! To help handle the extreme weather swings in the Okotoks area, we use 3-ply beams with 6”x6” posts on the screw piles, too. The entire frame is built using top-quality, pressure-treated wood.


The surface size of the deck is one of the most variable elements for how long it takes to build. In general, a deck that’s around 10 to 12 feet by 16 feet only takes a day for our crew of three; bigger ones (like a multi-level wraparound across uneven terrain) might take a few days to finish. But once we’ve got the boards laid, you’re in the home stretch – you can already go out and enjoy it with friends, family, and neighbours.


For larger and higher decks, railings are an important step to keeping people safe. As experienced deck builders in Okotoks and other towns, we’re proud to create reliable and aesthetically pleasing railings that contribute to both form and function. As a standard, we recommend aluminum rails, which comes in different types to match any budget, but there are many other materials you can choose from. Once these railings are installed, they can be used immediately – they’re sturdy, secure, and already powder coated, so you won’t have any wet paint to worry about.


What kind of pro deck builder would we be if we didn’t stand by our work? Though you may have been around as we built your amazing new deck from scratch, we still want you to have the final say in approval. Once the tools are loaded up, we’ll come find you (or come back later) to do a full walkthrough and ensure total satisfaction. At this stage, we’ll also show you how to properly care for and maintain your wooden deck, but if you’ve chosen a composite material like Trex, your maintenance doesn’t even require any special care at all!

Safety for Okotoks Deck Builders

We’ve built a lot of decks, and we know how important safety is on the job. We follow all applicable laws and regulations for working with power tools, PPE, and at heights, and our deck builders are all fully licensed, insured, and properly trained to the latest standards. You’re paying for precision, care, and a quality product, and we’re here to deliver it.

For the best deck contractors in Okotoks and beyond, give Maritime West Construction a call. You don’t have to put up with a bland backyard for another season…contact us today and let’s get your perfect deck off the ground and into the real world!