The 5 Best Patio Furniture Brands for Your Yard

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So you’ve finally got your new Calgary deck built (or your old one cleaned up), and you’re ready to relax. That means it’s time to invest in some new patio furniture! But are you up-to-date with which are the best outdoor furniture brands?  Do you know which brand to choose?

It’s not something you want to make a decision on without doing some research. Since they’ll be outside in the elements, poor-quality patio furniture can fall apart quickly with exposure to wind, water, and heat. Luckily, we’ve done some research for you. Here are five of our top brands to suit every situation for your deck furniture!

Best All-Weather, Low-Maintenance Patio Furniture: Trex

trex patio furniture

Millions of people trust Trex materials when it comes to building their patios, decks, and pergolas. Now you can complete the look with the best all-weather furniture you can find.

Aside from being made with strong, durable components, Trex furniture takes their craftsmanship a step further with a 20-year warranty. That’s two decades of exposure to sun, rain, snow, and saltwater. Two decades of barbecues, jumping children, and scuffs. That’s an unbeatable warranty for any product, let alone outdoor furniture.

Another big selling point for Trex? Their pieces require little to no maintenance once they’re in place, letting you do the one thing that the furniture should be used for: relaxing! Spend less time checking for splinters, rust, and stains, and more time sipping a cold drink in the sunshine.

Best Economy Choice for Patio Furniture: U-Max

umax best patio furniture brands

A lot of people have reined in their spending this summer, and have put their plans for their dream deck on hold. In the meantime, you don’t have to sit on the bare wood – not with U-Max’s line of relatively cheap, yet surprisingly comfortable outdoor furniture.

Made of wicker wrapped over steel frames, and central glass-topped coffee tables, the U-Max patio set provides a great place to lounge, lie down, or spend a lazy afternoon. You can get it as a sectional set, ranging from 5-9 pieces, or just pick up a few chairs to keep things simple. The umax patio furniture pieces are weather-resistant and simple to move, but the best part is they won’t set you back too much. It’s a great way to finish off the summer season and be ready in advance for the return of spring.

Best Wooden or Wicker Patio Furniture: Ohana

ohana best patio furniture brands

Let’s face it, there’s just something timelessly classic about wicker patio furniture. It has a fun tropical feel that’s sure to relax you, and it’s lightweight enough to move without much effort but solid enough to withstand years of naps, visiting friends, and weekend coffee breaks.

The offerings from Ohana are among the best you can find in the market. Each wicker piece is woven by hand, which should tell you quite a bit about the care and passion they put into every single set. Beyond that, they just look fantastic – every curve sits just right and the colours really pop. Plus, you can choose the functionality you need, such as high backs, flat sofas, sectionability, and more. What’s not to like?

Our bonus choice: Bayview’s line of teakwood furniture! Ranging from benches and stools to full dining sets, the classic wooden feel of this furniture will fit in on any deck or patio. Just make sure you seal the wood before you leave it out in the sun and rain.

Best Luxury Patio Furniture: La Fete Furniture

lafete furniture for patios

Luxury outdoor furniture brands are on the rise!  If you want to stand out from the rest, you can’t go wrong with furniture from La Fete Furniture. Focusing on minimalism, style, and elegance, these patio sets come in a variety of options – but they will always turn heads.

Each of their pieces is a durable and waterproof vinyl cover over a strong and lightweight frame, making them eye-catching yet easy to clean. Plus, they use recycled materials in their sets, ensuring that their manufacturing process leads to less waste overall.

You can start with a small set, or even individual pieces, and add to what you have over time – they’re designed to work together in all settings and styles. For the deck owner who wants to make a statement, these are for you!

Best Resort-Style Patio Furniture: Tropitone

tropitone patio furniture

Are you missing the shores of Mexico, or the sands of Hawaii? We can’t bring you there, but you can get a little piece of a resort vacation with the styles and selections from Tropitone Furniture Company.

Designed for poolsides, gardens, patios, decks, sunrooms, and other welcoming settings, Tropitone’s furniture uses bright colours and bold lines to bring the tropics right to your backyard. They have a huge selection of furniture and accessories, so you can choose if you want a more subtle approach, or the full getaway experience. And with materials ranging from wicker and waterproof polymers to wood, aluminum, and glass-topped tables, you’ll definitely find something that sits just right.

If you’re reading through these and feeling left out – because your deck isn’t up to the challenge this summer – then remember, that’s an easy fix! At Maritime West Construction, we can have your deck repaired or rebuilt very quickly. Contact us today and you’ll be enjoying your new outdoor patio furniture in no time!

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