The Best Outdoor Patio Ideas In Calgary For 2024

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As we head into summer, many people in Calgary are looking out into their backyards and wondering how they can make their patios, decks, and other backyard features (like pergolas!) even more appealing. Giving your back patio some style doesn’t have to take a lot of time or cost a lot of money, and even small, simple changes can make it feel like new.  All you need is to look into what are the best outdoor patio ideas to help enhance your yard and you’ll be off to the races!

Lucky for you, we’ve created a list for you!

Here are 8 of the best ideas to make your outdoor patio even better in 2024!

1) Install a sound system and lighting.

What does any good backyard get-together need? Some music and some mood lighting! Find a decent stereo system (ideally with speakers the same colour as your walls/posts) and spend a day making it look – and sound – perfect. Put the main console in a convenient location, and enjoy the fruits of your labour for years to come. Lights can be a little bit trickier, and may require an electrician or carpenter to install correctly, depending on the form and complexity. But when it’s done right, the effect can be amazing.

2) Add storage hooks, hidden drawers, and other stylish functionality.

Whether you’re hanging up a jacket, a purse, a towel, or something else entirely, simple screw-on hooks can keep fabrics off the ground and free from dirt. Similarly, folding furniture or drawers that fit under your tables, footstools, or other items can offer loads of protective storage for things like cushions or linens – and they don’t take up any extra space. 

3) Add planters to the walls, hang them from the ceiling, or arrange them on the ground.

One of the single best ways to brighten up a patio space is to add some floral colour. You can hang planters from overhead rafters, attach them to walls, or arrange pots and boxes on the ground in any pattern you like. Not only are they nice to look at, but plants can provide shade if they are big enough, and flowers can infuse the whole area with wonderful scents.

4) Add a fire pit or fire bowl to the centre.

Nothing says “summer backyard fun” like a crackling fire to close out a long, hot day, so pick up a firepit that will act as a gathering place for guests, family, and friends. Elevated, enclosed pits are one option, as well as “fire bowls” or recessed cavities set down into the patio itself. Choose what you like, and watch how quickly it can add some flair to your patio design!

5) Give it some charm with recycled materials.

It’s no secret that prices are going up. If you’re handy with tools and DIY processes, you can turn all kinds of secondhand furniture, materials, and items into stylish new pieces for your patio. Think old dressers or footstools, or scrap wood that you can carve into coasters. The only limit is your dedication and imagination.

6) Use an all-white motif to keep things cool.

If your patio gets a lot of direct sunlight, you might find dark furniture uncomfortably hot for much of the day. Help alleviate this with white coverings and materials that reflect the light and keep the temperature down. It can even help keep your drinks cold, which is always a bonus.

7) Invest in matching furniture sets to suit your style.

Many people have picked up items over the years and added to piecemeal collections that work, but don’t look all that great. One of the easiest ways to pull your entire patio design together is to invest in a furniture set that covers all the bases in one single style, combining the look you want with the functions you need. In fact, it’s never been easier to find the perfect patio furniture and get it all together.

8) Start relaxing with a new hammock.

What can we say about hammocks that you can’t imagine even better? The sun shining down on you, the slight breeze keeping you cool, the total peace of a lazy afternoon on your patio…it’s amazing what a simple piece of fabric between two pillars can do. If you’ve got sturdy trees, posts, or other supports that can hold you up, this is a great way to enjoy your patio time and relax like a professional.

If you’ve got great design ideas for a deck, patio, fence, or other yard feature, but haven’t built them yet, you’re in the right place! Maritime West Construction in Calgary specializes in creating your perfect outdoor structures, delivering a final product that will bring you years of enjoyment. If you’re a homeowner in southern Alberta, get your quote today and make the most out of your summer!

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