Enhancing Your Property With Different Home Deck Styles

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Ideas For House Deck Styles

Are you thinking about sprucing up your property – and property value – by adding a deck… but you need to see all of the options for deck styles? It’s a good move! A new deck can make any house seem modern, spacious, and inviting, and provides a space to get together with friends, cook a tasty meal, or just enjoy some fresh air.

While many people think that decks are just a few boards beyond their back door, there are actually many different styles of decks that you can consider when building your own. Depending on the size, layout, and budget you have to work with, any of these could be the one that catches your attention and lands a prize spot in your yard.

  1. Attached Decks

    This is one of the most common deck styles you’ll find – usually fit behind or beside a house, with an access point through a backdoor. The easy access makes them ideal for hosting parties and cookouts, and when constructed from a composite board like those offered by Trex, they can last for decades before needing replacement. Throw on some deck furniture, put up an awning, and you’ve got all you need to relax outdoors!

  2. Detached (or Island) Decks

    If you have rocky, swampy, or uneven terrain in your yard, you might consider a detached deck put up on screw piles. Built in a suitable area away from the main buildings, detached decks are reached via stairs or walkways that avoid the hazards below – which is why they’re sometimes called island decks. They’re usually smaller and more exposed, but they also offer more potential for flowerbeds, landscaping, or natural plant and animal life.

  3. Multi-level Decks

    Similar to a detached deck, multi-level (or multi-tier) decks have multiple floor levels that are often used to avoid uneven terrain or rocks. The difference? These decks are usually much bigger and more ornate. If you have the budget, you can create staircases, walkways, railings and banisters, flower gardens, tree beds, and anything else you can imagine. If you live on an acreage or a large lot, this is one of the best ways to maximize use of your outdoor space.

  4. Wraparound Decks

    Who doesn’t love a Southern-style wraparound porch? This is one of the deck styles that takes that concept to a new level, with larger spaces, higher elevations, irregular shapes, and more open air to enjoy. Plus, you get a great view of your surroundings – which makes this style of deck excellent for mountainous or oceanside regions. Another bonus? You get all the space on the deck, as well as the space below it – making great use of every square foot of your property.

  5. Rooftop or Over-Garage Decks

    Many people aren’t able to build out into their yards if they have small properties – so they build over their houses instead. If you have a flat-top garage, you might be able to develop a rooftop deck up there (just make sure you get the right experts in to test the structural strength first). With the potential for great views and fun while being close to home and private, more and more people are choosing rooftop decks in Calgary and elsewhere.

  6. Balcony Decks

    Balcony decks are different from other types in that they are only accessible from a door inside your house, and they are generally on the second floor or higher. This makes them ideal for upper floor walkouts, where they can extend the available space for bedrooms or living rooms – just make sure to have an inspection done to ensure there’s enough support. The lack of external stairs helps you maintain a secure and private area, if you prefer not to leave furniture or other items on the ground level.

  7. Patio Decks

    Often confused with regular wooden decks, the word patio actually refers to an area covered with paving stones (or similar constructs) that is situated directly on the ground and not above it. These can be built attached to ground-floor homes, or offset in a detached style to work around natural or landscaped features. If you have a large, flat space directly outside your back door, a patio is usually a cheaper alternative than fully-built decks.

  8. Side-Yard Decks

    Often overlooked as walkways, dog runs, or unclaimable space, small and narrow side yards can turn into prime deck areas with the right design. Considerations for space, aesthetics, access, and use must be weighed into the final build, but when done properly, these previously unused spaces can become private gardens, storage space, bedroom balconies, or just an easy place to escape on a lazy afternoon.

  9. Swimming Pool Decks

    So you’ve installed a swimming pool – but if you want to avoid unnecessary dirt and debris accumulated from the low-lying ground around it, you’ll want to follow up with a specialized swimming pool deck. Slightly raised, water-resistant, and designed to reflect heat as much as possible, a fresh-looking pool deck not only helps keep your pool clean, but it keeps swimmers safe and free from slips, too. If you need inspiration, here’s an excellent summary of common poolside deck materials.

  10. Entryway Decks

    Not quite as elaborate or specialized as a full deck, entryway decks offer walking areas that are incorporated into the landscaping and natural features of your home’s entry points. Usually uncovered and consisting of a few basic squares of wood, brick, stone, or other materials leading up to a porch or courtyard, they are just a highlight that doesn’t draw too much attention from the surrounding area.

What’s The Best Deck For Your House?

Now that you know more about the deck styles, all that’s left is to choose materials, designers, colours, products, stains, protective coatings, and all the other parts that make sure you get the best possible deck-building experience. It’s best to talk to an expert – so when you’re ready to move forward on your dream deck, just give Maritime West Construction a call and we’ll get you started!

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